Message from the School Supervisor
  • 林建華博士 BBS MH


    天越創思國際幼稚園是家長讓幼兒學習的理想校園,我們校董會由一群對教育擁有抱負及理想的教育專業學者組成。為了提供優質的幼兒教育,我們聘請了一班有專業培訓的幼兒教師,包括有以英語為母語的、以及普通話為母語的教師,教師以愛心培育幼兒成長;我們以芬蘭教育 (Finnish Education) 的遊戲為學習的模式為主外,更會融會香港的教學環境。我們幼稚園將融匯中外的教學特色,透過培養兒童遊戲探索,群體活動,自主學習,主動探究等平衡課程,以達到培養兒童成為有自尊及自信個人的教育目標。


    林建華博士 BBS MH

Message from the School Manager
  • Mr. David Coles

    The world in which today’s kindergarten children will live as adults will be very different from the one we know now. In order to succeed and live fulfilled lives, they will need 21st Century skills, knowledge and attributes. Most importantly, they will have to be self-directing life-long learners with highly developed interpersonal skills, collaborative and leadership qualities. Their working and social worlds will require them to be creative, critical thinkers and problem-solvers. Central to developing these qualities is the ability to learn how to learn and my decades as an international educator have taught me that this has to begin in the highest quality pre-school setting, which works in a close and mutually trusting partnership with parents.

    There is no doubt that the quality of the early learning environment determines the success of whatever educational experience follows, whether it be at Hong Kong Diploma or University Graduation level. The human brain learns more in these earliest years than at any other time in our lives and the right choice of pre-school/kindergarten is amongst the most important decisions a parent makes for their child. For us at Sky Wide International Kindergarten the choice has been to adopt the curriculum and teaching methodology of the world’s most outstanding national educator, Finland.

    The privilege of being a founding manager of this centre of excellence in Early Childhood Education is, for me, a source of great professional pride and joy. Its founders and managers are all highly experienced education professionals drawn from the ranks of School Principals and University Academics and I look forward to my continuing collaboration with them on this exciting innovation, a true first for Hong Kong.

    David Coles

Message from the Principal
  • Ms. Adeline Leung

    “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”, are the words of Benjamin Franklin. This famous quotation is reflected in our school’s teaching philosophy and mission. We believe in the importance of involving children through play in order to enhance their holistic development to the fullest potential.

    At the Pre-primary age of 0-6 years, our children need to learn through play and to participate in hands-on activity in order to learn. Sky Wide Kindergarten provides a well-equipped child-centred environment, with facilities for children to explore at their own pace, as we believe that each child is unique and precious.

    Sky Wide Kindergarten is the first and only kindergarten in Hong Kong to adopt the Finnish approach. Finland’s students are ranked highly in international testing (PISA) in the areas of reading, literacy, mathematics and science. Statistics have shown that Finland’s students perform better than those in Hong Kong and we embrace the strengths of the Finnish approach here at Sky Wide.

    We value each and every parent and aim to work in a close partnership with them in order to enhance their child’s development. Together, we strive towards the same goal with parents to make children’s schooling experience a happy and memorable one.

    We look forward to seeing you at Sky Wide in the near future. 

    Adeline Leung